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Location Data
20146 Ashburn, Virginia
United States of America
Timezone: n/a (-04:00) Timezone Continent: n/a n/a
Position Data
DMA Code: n/a n/a ZIP Code: n/a n/a
Technical Data
Amateur Radio Digital Communications Provider
The localization of a specific IP address is only possible for users of the PHP Web Stat from the "Last Hits" level.
The direct access to this page always leads to the result of the own IP localization.

IP Address Location

Our website offers a fast, reliable and free service to assist you in locating the geographical location or position of a desired IP address. Get general information like continent, country, state or timezone, specially for the desired IP addresse Or get detailed information like city, postal code, longitude and latitude. Also we provide you with all technical details regarding the desired IP address, like Internet Service Provider (ISP) and resolved hostnames. Even if you need more information like the ones showing on our site, please use the small blue information icon to get more information regarding the desired information excerpt.

Domain Name Location

Also we provide detailed information about all kinds of domain names and host names. So if you do not know the exact IP address, or want to receive detailed information about the owner, just use the input field searching for a specified domain name or host name. Use the search for different top level domains like .COM, .NET, .ORG or even .TV.

Whois Owner Information

Besides knowing the detailed position of an IP address, we offer you detailed owner information about the IP address, like Owner, Tech-C or Admin-C information.
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